Mountain Life Health Food Store

978 S. Main Street #101, Ellijay GA, 30540


Our Mission

"Supporting Your Wellness Lifestyle"sm

Our mission here at Mountain Life Health Food Store is to be a valued and trusted source for nutritional and dietary supplements and other products that help promote wellness. In support of our mission we also offer classes, wellness coaching and other services.


About Our Store Philosophy

We are constantly seeking to improve the number and types of products we offer. We welcome your feedback and suggestions.


Our Goal Is For Our Store to:

* Operate in an eco-friendly manner.

* Find products that are sourced locally or regionally when available or    practical. 

* Encourage our customers to first and foremost EAT WELL; it is so clear to    us that many health benefits accrue when we make proper dietary choices!

* Serve as a "hub" to connect health conscious and environmentally    conscious people.

* Operate a mindset of service, we are here to serve and help!

"Supporting Your Wellness Lifestyle"sm

It's Not Just a Phrase to us, It's Our Passion!

Hi, I am Elva, Owner of Mountain Life Health Food Store. For those who are interested, here is a little bit about me....

I was raised eating the standard diet that most folks eat: not very many fruits and vegetables, quite a bit of meat and milk, lots of sweets, way too much soda pop, lots of coffee, plenty of processed foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner. As I became older, I consumed more and more unhealthy processed foods and also my fair share of alcohol. Combined with chemical exposures at my jobs, I wound up exhausted with a case of multiple chemical sensitivity, and a whole host of health conditions. 

I became so sick that I could not longer work, and it was during the time that I was home that I began to learn about the amazing health benefits that can come to one that eats well, drinks plenty of water and takes supplements to help support health. I have recovered my health and am pleased to own a health food store!

Because I learned that I had been unaware of very basic concepts of wellness, diet and use of vitamins and other supplements to enhance health, I am passionate to help others examine their lifestyle and decide for themselves what steps they would like to take to live a wellness lifestyle. Wellness is defined differently by each person, and I encourage you to be proactive in examining the options available to you. I hope you will stop by our store. We would love the opportunity to earn your business. We are a growing store and value your ideas and suggestions.